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Bridget’s Method

One of the ways Bridget has become one of the leading providers of private singing lessons and vocal support is her method of teaching.

Bridget’s vocal training methods of delivering singing lessons has made her a prominent vocal coach and singing teacher London. The method goes through three main steps…

• Define
• Process
• Create

During your first lesson, the consultation lesson, you will receive ‘diagnosis’, an analysis and evaluation of your current vocal range and ability, prior to any private singing lessons with Bridget.

After this Bridget will create short plan with you for areas you need to improve upon to achieve your singing goals.

Finally the created plan will be implemented in your private singing lessons with Bridget; together you will both work towards your own personal singing goal.

Define » Process » Create

• Confidence is gained through experience
• Experience through knowledge
• Knowledge through experience
• Experience through confidence
• Our passions build the scaffold on which to accumulate knowledge.



I listen to you, to your story, your dreams, ambitions, to your vocal placement inherent from your place of origin. Through simple visualization techniques you will “warm” and “massage” your voice. Through explaining and directing the sound beams you will extend your vocal range. You will feel the energy and support required. When the voice moves correctly the nervous system stimulates the muscles to support the breath to enable sound



Your thoughts activate the nervous system to stimulate the support muscles. They create the vision to re-create your own and/or the composer and librettist’s story. They create the illusion of physical relaxation. Your thoughts create energised focus. Focus creates balance through a sense of purpose. Awareness of the subconscious controls the Negative Nelly/Ned mind. Through listening, directing and suggesting together we will clarify your needs. Caring for, maintaining and developing your vocal expertise is a journey. The journey requires process. Process is awareness through practice. Singing is a way of seeing and feeling rooted in the mental, emotional and physical.



Vocal exercises and song will be used to develop your stamina and agility. Through correct classification – alto/bass; mezzo/baritone; Tenor/soprano you will understand how your voice “moves”. Your energy and health will improve. Singing, alone, with or to others will be a source of joy and sometimes, a place of safety. Singing is fun.


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